The things that makes sense are the least understood….

Ok…So I’ve been inspired by stupidity, please forgive the rant.


I feel that there are certain things that one should be capable of doing on ones’ own before “taking the plunge.”  Here is that list.

Doing your own laundry. It is not a matter of whether or not you do your own laundry on a regular basis – it’s if you know how.  Without question.  If you had no underwear, you would choose to wash yours before buying more.

Holding down a job for more than six  months. If you’re a job switcher you’re unstable and unreliable and I don’t trust you.

Having a job that pays you enough that you could support 3 if necessary. Yes that’s right 3.  2 is hard enough, but there are a zillion unplanned pregnancies despite all the precautions that one could/should take.  So you should be at least slightly capable of handling a situation such as this.  It may take a bit of tweaking….but at least forseeably doable.

PAY RENT in a home other than your mothers/grandmothers/any family member.    If you do not have enough income disposable  or otherwise to pay for rent each month you should absolutely NOT get married. Cause how the heck are you gonna pay for a place to live once you’re married?  Huh? HUH?  Can’t always live in someone’s basement now can we? Nope.

You should not marry or become engaged to each person that you date. That just means you’re desperate…and you should get not desperate.  Not only do those marriages never work cause you don’t actually like each other – but it’s a waste of money.

Be able to get a credit card – should you choose.  It’s not like if you don’t have one you shouldn’t get married…but they do come in handy for emergencies.  Now admittedly this is one rule that I did break myself.   But the only reason I couldn’t get one prior to marrying Anth is because I had no credit history.  I now have 2.  So there.

Have a car that is reliable. That’s just something everyone should have.  Period.  If not you should look into getting it fixed or get a new one.

Be able to stand up to the opposite sex. This could also be phrased as standing up for yourself.  DO NOT loose yourself in your relationship.  DO NOT become a punching bag verbally or otherwise.  DO NOT be forced to alienate yourself from people or the opposite sex due to the trust issues of your significant other.   Do not become a “YES DEAR robot.”  It’s annoying and no one likes it.

You should be able to dress yourself like an adult without any assistance. No mixing stripes and plaids. No polka dots  and checks.  No socks and sandals at a formal occasion.  Do not dress like you did in high school – unless you were dressing like an adult back then – which is unlikely if any of this even remotely applies to you.

Be able to pay for a wedding. That just seems to make sense.  Sure there are plenty of families that help out with the wedding expenses, but there are a lot who are not able to.  So you should be able to take care of those bills between the two of you without too much of a problem.

The vast majority of the people in your life should not be in an uproar because of your relationship choices. I am not saying that you need to get everyone’s approval.  Cause you’ll never get that.  But if the majority of the people whom you respect have an issue with the relationship there may be a good reason for that.  Everyone is not out to get you – sometimes it’s just easier to see a bad situation from a few feet back.

Basically don’t be an idiot.

I know there were more things that I thought of as I was driving home today – but alas I cannot remember them all.  But please feel free to add to my list if you can think of any.



After all these years….

Do you ever find a random mix CD that you made years ago hinding under the drivers seat that totally astounds you when you put it in the CD player?

I do.  Now that didn’t happen today but it doesn’t change the fact that some songs catch me by suprise and remind me of how much I adore them so many years after I first fell for them.  Here’s a list that I’m sure I’ll be adding to.

You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette
Freshman – The Vere Pipe
The Pretender – Foo Fighters
Everlong – Foo Fighters
Any song from “The Sing” – Ace of Base (which also happens to be the first CD that I ever bought.)
Model Prisoner – Adam Pascal
Hazey Shade of Winter – The Bangels (yeah I know…)
Manic Monday – The Bangels
Uninvited – Alanis Morissette
Black Velvet – Alannah Myles
Falling – Alicia Keys
Soul Sucker – Amos Lee
The Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
Walking on Broken Glass – Annie Lennox
Wally – Aslyn
The Call – Backstreet Boys
Zak and Sara – Ben Folds
Still Fighting It – Ben Folds

Aw hell…..any ben folds song.

Without a Love Song – Ben Freiert
Desperately Wanting – Better Than Ezra
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me – Elton John and George Michael
Standing at the Edge of the Earth – Belssed Union of Soul
Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt
Motown Philly – Boys II Men
Adrienne – The Calling
Troubled Mind – Catie Curtis
Throw Me – Chasing Furies
Thicker – Chasing Furise
Anything by Dishwalla
Sin Wagon – Dixie Chicks
Hotel California – The Eagels
Write Me A Song – Edwin McCain
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
Layla – Eric Clapton
Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
Songbird – Eva Cassidy
Dance Dance – Fall Out Boy
Criminal – Fiona Apple
Superman – Five For Fighting
Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
Chariot – Gavin Degraw
Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N Roses
If Only – Hanson
Alone – Heart
Crazy on You – Heart
Lovesong For A Savior – Jars of Clay
Foolish Games – Jewel
No Such Thing – John Mayer
Follow You – Josh Kelley
Don’t Stop Believeing – Journey
Open Arms – Journey
House at Pooh Corner – Kenny Loggins
Revolution – Kirk Franklin
Hanging By A Moment – Lifehouse
Stay – Lisa Loeb
I Alone – Live
Lighting Crashes – Live
Don’t – M2M ( I can’t believe I just added that, but it’s true)
Like a Prayer – Madonna
Rocksteady – Marc Broussard
Bent – Matchbox 20
Only One – Melissa Ethridge
Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm
Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
Step by Step – New Kids On The Block
Just a Girl – No Doubt
Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC
Invincible – Pat Benetar
Crazy – Patsy Cline
Careful – Patty Griffin
In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel
Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush
In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins
Bohieman Rhaposdy – Queen
Fat Bottom Girls – Queen
Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Now and Forever – Richard Marx
Listen to Your Heart – Roxette
Angel – Sarah McLachlan
Possesion – Sarah McLachlan
Two Beds and A Coffee Machine – Savage Garden
Girl Next Door – Saving Jane
Sunny Came Home – Shawn Colvin
Sacrborough Fair/Canticle – Simon and Garfunkel
Winter – Tori Amos
Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2
Where the Streets Have No Name – U2
Babba O’Riley – The Who
Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down

This is a very much abrieviated version of the complete list.  But is shall do for now.

Random Things I’ve learned about my husband.

He farts……….. A LOT.

Classically trained singers annoy him – regardless of how good they actually happen to be.

Josh Groban also tends to cause him to seeth just below the surface.

He is slightly disturbed by 3 pronged forks.

He cleans his ears excessively.

He believes that peeing with the door open is ok.  However the door must be firmly latched to poo.

He likes to try to lick my face knowing full well the consequences will include his bleeding profusely from the face.

Warm pop is unacceptable.

Calling pop, soda is grounds for a legal separation.

He cares more about what his nails look like than I do.

He is healthy enough for sexual activity….so don’t you worry Levitra commercial.

He is now forever indebted to Rite Aide.

He prefers Brain Williams to Charlie Gibson….but Keith Olbermann trumps them all.

He really loves his pink couch.

He spends more on hair product and shampoo in one year than I have in my whole life. >26:1

He theives the blankets every FREAKIN night.  So much so that I have to have my own personal blanket so I don’t freeze.

He would leave me for Tina Fey in .00000000001 seconds.

He does not wear slippers even though he thinks they are a good idea.

He MUST have an even body temperature when he sleeps.

He’s a snuggler.

I’ll keep you posted…..

I need more turtlenecks.

Anthony is just a wee bit ( or a lot bit drunk) and I have a giant (and I mean GIANT) hickey on my neck. I just got married…..can you tell??


At a later date I’m sure that I’ll write up a blog about the whole wedding week and weekend – but right now I just don’t feel like it.  Just know that it was the perfect day….and there’s not a thing that I would have changed. Except for maybe Jon not being sick…..he did a good job hiding it though.

Silly little &*%@#

Even looking back now I’m not quite sure what it was that made me do it.  It may not have been any one thing……or maybe it was and I’m still in the dark about it – cause that seems to be how I functioned best with this whole ordeal.  But whether it was one big mysterious thing or a combination of things I’m glad I went for it.  The only definable reason that I can figure out for why I did was because I couldn’t shake the feeling that if I didn’t at least give this thing a shot I’d regret it for the rest of my life.  But why in the world would I?  It didn’t make sense.  Hell it still doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense….but that’s why I love it.

Here’s a slightly related side note for you….. It must have been about 6 years ago or so when I was talking with a couple friends of mine about a certain individulas feelings for me and why I didn’t exacly reciprocate said feelings.    I couldn’t really put my finger on why other than they were them.  And my older and sometimes MUCH wiser friend said to me…”Who is ever going to love you like him?”  And I looked at her with not much of an answer other than the very famous line from Can’t Hardly Wait “Somebody.”  I didn’t know who and I didn’t know when or where…but I just knew that that particular man was not it for me.  He happens to be married now to a woman who is not yours truly by the by…

Anyhoo…back to what I was not so clearly talking about.  It’s been almost 8 months since the wakadoo relationship of Anthony and Amanda began.  And I mean wakadoo in a good way.  Because we both say that WE don’t make sense…and the only reason why it works as well as it does is because this is one of those silly things that God does to prove that He is way smarter about the things that we need than we are.  It’s amazing how this man who for nearly a year and a half I considered my little brother has become so much more to me.  He’s my best friend, I can tell him anything and he’s going to be my husband in just about 4 months.

Like I said at the beginging of this post I have no idea exactly what it was that made me react the way I did when he called me out on my behavior that night.  Cause as he puts it, one night my brain turned off and all the reasons that I kept telling myself for why we could never happen just didn’t matter to me anymore.  Did I know this at the time? No.  I was just hanging out with some of my favorite techies as far as I was concerned.  But something was different that night.  Maybe it was because for the first time I actually noticed that whenI joked about him being in love with me he didn’t deny it.  Of course I was nice about it right?  Again, no.  I decided that I would make it a point of mocking all night.  And I did. And that’s why got me into trouble.  See later on that night….or wee hours of the following morning….I said “Everything would be fine if you would just admit you’re in love with me.”  And what did he say to me…. “I haven’t denied it.  What about you?”  That ‘what about you’ echoed in my head for DAYS.  Cause I mean….what about me?!  He had a very good point and he forced me to deal with it…cause if it was up to me I never would have.  And it was during that conversation that I didn’t know what was going on or what I should do…all I knew is that I had no good reason not to at the very least give it a shot.  SO after two straigt days of barely sleeping and praying like my life depended on it (cause it felt like it did…and honestly to a degree it did) I was in 100% and 150% terrified.  I learned something interesting that day. The things that I’ve done that scared me the most have been the most worthwhile and most fulfilling and most wonderful.  If I had listened to that part of me that freaking out telling me all the ‘smart’ reasons to run. I would have missed out on the best thing that’s happened to me since Jesus.  And looking back at the last 8 months, I don’t know how I would have done it without him.  Because incase you’re not aware – I am extremely stubborn at times.  And when I needed to go to the hospital at the turn of the year, he’s the one who got me to go.  I was scared and unwilling to admit it, despite the fact that I couldn’t really breath or talk and most definitely could not swallow anything.  He has stood by me through the craziness of the holidays at work and even helped where he could.  He has held me when I cried from frustration and anger and stress.  He has looked me in the eye and told me the things that every girl hopes she’ll hear someday.  He has made me laugh in my darkest moments. The heart of this man continually amazes me.  I know I would be lost without him.  And according to my countdown clock on my facebook page he will be my husband in 135 days.  I cannot wait.

I have this crazy pen addiction…

Can I just tell you how tired I am? I don’t even really know why…I don’t think I have much of an excuse honestly.  But I’m sitting here, on Tuesday morning, and I am just exhausted.  I feel like I ran a stinkin marathon.  I didn’t.  I sat around a camp fire and played with children yesterday, Sunday I worked for a few hours then I passed out while me and Anth watched Lost, Saturday I booked the hall for the wedding reception and watched Anth clean his car.  Friday was spent hanging out with Anth and Alex.  I didn’t have a super crazy weekend.  This coming one will be insane, but I don’t see how that could have made me this tired cause it hasn’t happened yet.  So who knows. Maybe I have the swine flu…I did eat pork yesterday after all.

So yeah…wedding plans are coming along.  Now that we have the reception hall we can go do everything else…like get invitations.  And don’t be pissed if you don’t get one…cause I’m cutting this godforsaken guest list down as much as possible.  So if I haven’t talked to you in months….and you’re just finding out now that I’m getting married because you’re hearing people talk about their invitations and you realize that you didn’t get one. Sorry.  But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  The people who make me smile are the ones that will be there.

Uhhhhhhhhhh…..I don’t think I have much else to say. So Bye.

Climbing Uphill

So there’s this song in the musical ‘The Last 5 Years’ called Climbing Uphill.  The mystery as to where I got my title for the entry is now solved.  I feel kinda like Cathy.  I’m not going to get into why here as to keep myself out of trouble.  But let’s just say that a little Divine intervention would be super sweet right now.

And in the words of Cathy…

“I am a good person.
I’m an attractive person.
I am a talented person.
Grant me grace.”

DEEEEEEEEEEEP Cleansing Breath

Wedding planning isn’t so bad, until you look at the numbers attached to it all.  Guest list number which are directly related to cost, which is directly related to my blood pressure.

Anyone willing to provide the most amazing looking venue for a reception for free??? And then only charge 3 dollars for the whole shebang of food and drink……

Anyone??? Helloooooooo? Any takers?  dang.


Ok…so it’s been said that Anth’s proposal wasn’t very romantic, or sweet or dare I say good enough.  Maybe the official one was very laid back and lacking in grand gestures…….

But let me tell you this…the day that he first asked if I would marry him…the unofficial proposal.  That was all I could ever want.  So all of you who weren’t happy with the way you heard things went down…HUSH.  It was perfect.

PS…Anth, sorry that I once again alerted the  blog world that you do in fact have a soul.  And a kind and gentle one at that.

To Cleveland with the Super Jew Fiance

Finally.  I FINALLY got a weekend off.  And I mean real honest to goodness off.  It was indescribably splendiferous.  What did I do with my heaps of free time you ask????  Well here it is in no particular splendor.

Sadly work was in fact involved on this day…and some kooky last minute shenanigans took place but then I left and decided to not answer my phone for the next 3 days.  It was beautiful outside so I went to get my car inspected.  Makes sense right? At least I sat outside while they decided whether or not my car would pass their test.  It did. Life is good.  I talked to mom for a while and she didn’t drive me crazy – which was nice.  Then I got one of the best turkey subs on the planet from Avenue and drove home to see Roommate.  We chatted for a bit.  It was nice, cause I almost never see her anymore.  Then I napped for an hour or so. I love naps.  THey just might be my best friend in all the land, cause dude……they change my life. After said nap was complete I hopped in my newly inspected vehicle and drive over to Anth’s.  He had just gotten out of work so I figured I’d go say hi to him and the family.  Did that.  I don’t really remember what else we did…but we did end up back at my place….I think.  Yes.  NO!  Not true. There was a bit of a……disagreement that took place and ensured that Amanda not only cried, but slept HORRIBLY.

Woke up…Anth has to go to work.  Still not really speaking to me.  I ask if I should go.  He says no. I cry.  We chat as much as we can about it before he needs to leave for work.  He gives me his tigger to sleep with until he comes back.  I pass out.  I wake up cause I need to move my car, and end up talking to Momma K until Anth got home from work.  It was a good talk.  I showered seeing as how I reeked of yesterday and got ready to face the day.  Anth and I talked out the whole fiasco from the night before and decided to go to the park so I could watch the ducks. (PS he got me flowers!!!)  THERE WERE BABY DUCKS!! The joy that abounded was a bit ridiculous, but we sat there in the glorious weather and watched them nonetheless.  There was this INSANELY huge wedding party that came through to take pictures.  I kid you not it was a 20 person party…and the groomsmen were wearing tan suits with white shoes.  Just silly.  Anyhoo we went back to Anth’s to get all our stuff and then headed to my place for a movie marathon.  So we watched some movies and ate some food and drank some drink and then it was dark out.  So what happened next….no not that. Silly blog people.  Anthony looks at me and says…. “do you want to dance?”  I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the ground.  You good?  Sweet.  So yeah…we dance in my living room by laptop light for about an hour.  I don’t think it could have been a more precious moment if we tried.   <sigh>

Anth got up early to go change his break pads at his uncles house.  I ate a giant bowl of blueberry morning cereal. It was glorious.  I watched the movie Dedication, painted my nails and showered and got all girlified for the first time in DAYS and waited for Anth to get back, because we were heading up to/down to Alexander to go hang out with some dear friends and their short people.  Which was exciting cause we almost never get out there before the sun goes down along with the shorties.  So for most of the afternoon I hung out with the newest of the clan…Elliot.  toofreakincuteforwords. Once dinner plans were decided, Anth and Jon headed out to get the ice cream required for dinner.  Pamela and I continued chatting, I read to the other short people and laughed when I realized that we were having steak for dessert.  So Anth, Jon, Pamela the short people and I gathered round the table for our ice cream dinners…after going to the park of course.  So Anth and I are clearing the table and such as our pals put their children to bed.  I sit down and Anth says he had a headache…was gonna go check his car for motrin. He comes back and asks to see the ring I was wearing and he puts it on his finger…sizing it up and what not. The following occurs….

“Yeah I guess we’re gonna have to get this sized.”
“Huh?………Oh Shut Up.”
I launch myself from the chair so I can hit him easier.
“Shut up!” I then start laughing as he sticks a nice new shiny ring o diamond on me finger. I hit him again, and laughed.  And yes…I did in fact kiss him.  It then occurred to me that I should call  my mother.  Well turns out that once again that is easier said than done.  After being totally annoyed that she refused to answer her phone I sent out a text blast to all those that mattered to tell them the news.  It was then that the phone calls began….as did my bouncing and jumping up and down like a fool.  After that I FINALLY got mom on the phone talked to her, Anth talked to her…she cried…then we ate STEAK!!!

To be completely honest after that I was pretty stinkin tired and just wanted to go to sleep….so the details of the remainder of the night are pretty fuzzy.  Sorry.

It twas Monday morning when Anth and I sat down and talked to Momma K about it all.  He talked to her the night before too, but we chatted about the festivities a bit more.  Later on in the morning we set off to the land of Cleveland to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I had never been so Anth said he’d go with.  It was a good day trip that’s for sure.  Though I think the ride to and from was waaay more fun for me.  We talked about all sorts of stuff, wedding stuff, life stuff, silly stuff. It was one of those near perfect days.  Not to mention that he’s being freaking adorable.  Yes dear, I’m putting it out there so the world will know.

That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.