The things that makes sense are the least understood….

Ok…So I’ve been inspired by stupidity, please forgive the rant.


I feel that there are certain things that one should be capable of doing on ones’ own before “taking the plunge.”  Here is that list.

Doing your own laundry. It is not a matter of whether or not you do your own laundry on a regular basis – it’s if you know how.  Without question.  If you had no underwear, you would choose to wash yours before buying more.

Holding down a job for more than six  months. If you’re a job switcher you’re unstable and unreliable and I don’t trust you.

Having a job that pays you enough that you could support 3 if necessary. Yes that’s right 3.  2 is hard enough, but there are a zillion unplanned pregnancies despite all the precautions that one could/should take.  So you should be at least slightly capable of handling a situation such as this.  It may take a bit of tweaking….but at least forseeably doable.

PAY RENT in a home other than your mothers/grandmothers/any family member.    If you do not have enough income disposable  or otherwise to pay for rent each month you should absolutely NOT get married. Cause how the heck are you gonna pay for a place to live once you’re married?  Huh? HUH?  Can’t always live in someone’s basement now can we? Nope.

You should not marry or become engaged to each person that you date. That just means you’re desperate…and you should get not desperate.  Not only do those marriages never work cause you don’t actually like each other – but it’s a waste of money.

Be able to get a credit card – should you choose.  It’s not like if you don’t have one you shouldn’t get married…but they do come in handy for emergencies.  Now admittedly this is one rule that I did break myself.   But the only reason I couldn’t get one prior to marrying Anth is because I had no credit history.  I now have 2.  So there.

Have a car that is reliable. That’s just something everyone should have.  Period.  If not you should look into getting it fixed or get a new one.

Be able to stand up to the opposite sex. This could also be phrased as standing up for yourself.  DO NOT loose yourself in your relationship.  DO NOT become a punching bag verbally or otherwise.  DO NOT be forced to alienate yourself from people or the opposite sex due to the trust issues of your significant other.   Do not become a “YES DEAR robot.”  It’s annoying and no one likes it.

You should be able to dress yourself like an adult without any assistance. No mixing stripes and plaids. No polka dots  and checks.  No socks and sandals at a formal occasion.  Do not dress like you did in high school – unless you were dressing like an adult back then – which is unlikely if any of this even remotely applies to you.

Be able to pay for a wedding. That just seems to make sense.  Sure there are plenty of families that help out with the wedding expenses, but there are a lot who are not able to.  So you should be able to take care of those bills between the two of you without too much of a problem.

The vast majority of the people in your life should not be in an uproar because of your relationship choices. I am not saying that you need to get everyone’s approval.  Cause you’ll never get that.  But if the majority of the people whom you respect have an issue with the relationship there may be a good reason for that.  Everyone is not out to get you – sometimes it’s just easier to see a bad situation from a few feet back.

Basically don’t be an idiot.

I know there were more things that I thought of as I was driving home today – but alas I cannot remember them all.  But please feel free to add to my list if you can think of any.



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I'm just a girl doing her best to do what she was put on this earth to do.

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